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What is Hydroponics/Aeroponics?

Hydroponics is a soil-free process of growing plants directly in water rich in essential mineral nutrients.

Roots in MacroTower Mini
Plant Roots in MacroTower - Macrogardens

Aeroponics is a subset of Hydroponics, wherein the nutrient-rich solution is supplied in a heavily oxygenated manner.

Benefits of a MacroTower at your home

Grow up to 30 times more in the same area. Perfect for balconies, rooftops, and kitchen gardens

Saves up to 95% water, being hydroponic

No soil involved, no mess, hassle-free

Home-grown food is 100% fresh and more tasty and nutritious

Grow produce free of pesticides and insecticides – Grow Your Food, Know Your Food

Grow Microgreens (great nutrition and taste) in your MacroTower

Completely automatic, minimum care needed: Only needs watering once every 15 to 25 days

Dimensions/Specs of the MacroTower

MacroTowers are available in 2 variants:

  • MacroTower (32 plants)
    • Base: 65cm X 65cm; Height: 180cm
    • Tank capacity: 65 litres
    • Microgreens tray at the top
    • Supports 32 plants
  • MacroTower Mini (12 plants)
    • Base: 35cm X 35cm; Height: 80cm
    • Tank capacity: 16 litres
    • Microgreens tray at the top
    • Supports 12 plants.
What does the MacroTower Package include?

The MacroTower package that is shipped includes everything you need to grow your plants. It includes the tower, motor, seeds, grow media, net pots, nutrients, microgreen seeds, coco peat, etc.

A detailed guide regarding all the products included in the package is available on the product page:

Is there any extra cost required for growing the plants?

MacroTower ships with everything needed to grow your plants, along with seeds and 6 months of nutrients.

The average cost to replenish the nutrients is about ₹60-80 per month.

Where can I buy MacroTower?

MacroTower comes in 2 variants:

We ship Pan-India

Is MacroTower Organic?

MacroTower supports growing using liquid organic fertilisers like Vermiwash, but this needs extra care. By default, MacroTower comes with mineral nutrients, which are much easier to use and promise a better yield.

What is MacroTower made of?

The plant modules in MacroTower are made of UV-stabilised, food-safe plastic, which is very durable.

Does it need sunlight?

MacroTower can work both with and without sunlight, depending on the type of plants grown. For vegetable plants, normal sunlight is needed, but indoor plants can be grown without sunlight.

How do I set up the MacroTower?

MacroTower takes approximately 15 minutes to set up.

A detailed guide with a step-by-step process is provided to help you set up the tower

MacroTower Package

Simple Set-Up

Seedlings in MacroTower

Easy to Grow (Automatic, just requires watering once every 15 to 25 days)

Cauliflower in MacroTower

Harvest Fresh Food

How can I set up more than 6 towers at my home?

We will soon launch MacroTower Max, a centralized system that supports 6 to 20 towers. So stay tuned!

Till then, start your kitchen garden using our current offerings:

Which plants can I grow?

MacroTower can be used to grow all kinds of plants, such as leafy greens, herbs, vegetables, flowers, and indoor/ornamental plants, except for trees and big-underground crops.

A few examples:

How often do I need to add water and nutrients?

Top up your MacroTower with water and nutrients every 15 to 25 days (depending on the season). Eat fresh, healthy homegrown vegetables and fruits with no hassle.

How many plants can MacroTower grow?
Where can I place my MacroTower?

With its compact size, MacroTower can fit in small spaces, like balconies, kitchen gardens, and rooftops, and can also be placed indoors for decor purposes.

Can I use MacroTower indoors?

Yes, MacroTower can be used indoors for growing indoor plants, such as snake and spider plants, etc. For vegetable plants, sunlight is required.

How long does it take for plants to grow in MacroTower?

Plants in MacroTower take the same time to grow as in soil. Depending on the conditions growth can be 5-10% faster.

Does it need electricity?

The water pump inside MacroTower works in a cyclic fashion (15mins on and then 15mins off on a repeat). Electricity costs come out to be ₹30-45 per month.

In case of electric outrages, MacroTower holds enough water to sustain the plants for up to 10 hours. If the outrage is longer, manually pour a few cups of water from the bottom tank.

Have more questions?

You may reach out to us through our Instagram, or using the contact form here. We’d be happy to help 🙂

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