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Vertical Hydroponics Tower – 12 plants + Microgreens Tray. Scroll below for more info

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Vertical Hydroponic Tower – 12 plants + Microgreens Tray

MacroTower with lots of plants
Grow up to 30 times more in the same space

Perfect for balconiesrooftopskitchen gardensindoors, etc.

Do clothes take away the majority of your balcony space? MacroTower is here to save you.

Roots of a plant inside MacroTower
No Soil: Hassle-free

MacroTower is a hydroponic/aeroponic system, which means there is no soil.

No-Hassle: You don’t have to waste energy or time in dealing with soil.

This also helps keep your house clean from the mess created by soil.

Spinach Harvesting from MacroTower
Grow and Harvest safe food, free of pesticides

Grow your Food, Know your Food!

Home-grown vegetables are free of pesticides, making them much more healthy

Vegetables harvested from your MacroTower are much more tasty and nutritious owing to their freshness.

Flowers in MacroTower
Perfect decor addition to your home

MacroTower looks aesthetically very pleasing.

Grow flowering or indoor plants to make it look even better.

MacroTower emits a very pleasing sound of flowing water which will sooth your ears.

What can you grow?

Contrary to the other hydroponic systems, which are limited to a certain number of crops, MacroTower’s superior design, allows you to grow all kinds of plants, including leafy greensvegetablesherbsflowersetc, except for just trees and bigger underground plants. Few examples:

and many more…

Grow Microgreens exclusively in your MacroTower

Microgreens are plant seedlings which can be harvested just within 8-10 days, have the same taste as a fully grown vegetable and are very nutritious. Can be mixed with salads, shakes or as a very healthy and beautiful garnish.

MacroTower exclusively offers a Microgreens Tray at the top for this.

Included in the box

  • MacroTower Mini
    • 16L Tank
    • Lid + Cap
    • 3 x Plant Modules
    • 3 x Joining Rods
    • Top Reservoir
    • Microgreens Tray
  • Water Pump
  • Timer
  • Measuring Cup
  • Coco Peat Packet
  • 3 x Seeds (depending on season)
  • Radish Seeds for Microgreens
  • 15 x Net Pots
  • 24 x Coco Plugs
  • Nutrients (6 months)
  • Nutrient Guide
  • Grow Guide
  • 1,000,000 X LOVE

Dimensions: 35 cm x 35 cm

What if I am a beginner and need help?

We have got you covered! We actively provide all growing support through WhatsApp, once your MacroTower is delivered, from setup to planting your seedlings to harvesting them.

Have any more queries, before buying? Head over to the contact form. We’d be glad to help!

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  1. Atharva Rastogi

    Great for small kitchen gardens

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