Coco Plugs/Coco Coins (30mm) – Perfect for 2-inch Net Pot)

NPK-infused Jiffy Coco Plugs for optimum growth of your seedling. Diameter: 30mm (before soaking water). Perfect size for 2-inch net pots. Good quality covering bag keeps coco peat spillage to a minimum



Coco Plugs are made by compressing coconut husk (or coco peat) and packing them into cloth bags. When soaked in water, they regain their original size.

  • Coco peat has excellent water absorption and can absorb water up to 8 times its weight
  • It acts as a nutrient-less grow medium making it perfect for hydroponics as this allows complete control over the nutrients
  • Being inside a cloth bag prevents coco peat spillage from Coco Plugs, making them last much longer

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20, 50, 100, 500


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