Himalayan Stevia Leaves (Hand-picked Premium Quality)

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Stevia is a natural plant-based sweetener serving as a healthy alternative to sugar. Hand-picked Premium quality Himalayan Stevia Leaves which are 300x sweeter than sugar, with 0 calories and are perfect for a healthier suger-free life. Scroll below to know more.

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Stevia Leaves

Stevia’s sweetness is provided by non-caloric molecules called glycosides, which means you get the sweetness of sugar, without any of its disadvantages.

  • Higher levels of sweetness
  • Diabetes-friendly
  • Zero calorie sugar. Great for Gym and an overall healthy diet

50g Stevia Leaves = 3000 cups of Tea

Grown in Himalayas – Stevia grows best in a slightly cool temperature, imparting more sweetness and reducing its after-taste.

Why Leaves? Leaves are the most raw and pure form of Stevia, without any processing or chemicals. Hence, they are the healthiest. Compared to the processed crystalline Stevia, leaves contain a much higher level of sweetness and need to be used in very small quantities.

Where to use?

  • Tea/Coffee
  • Cooking, baking or just as is
  • Healthy Sugar-free drinks: Adding Stevia leaves to water will sweeten it in some time, which can then be used for things like Lemonade, or other sugar-free drinks
  • Mouth Freshener: Stevia leaves have a persisting sugary taste, which makes it ideal as a mouth freshener.

Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of harvest/manufacture



Zero calories

Note: The information presented here should not be taken as medical advice.

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4 reviews for Himalayan Stevia Leaves (Hand-picked Premium Quality)

  1. Devansh Gupta (verified owner)

    Himalayan Stevia Leaves have been a game-changer for me! Since incorporating them into my daily routine, my health and diabetes management have significantly improved. These natural, sweet leaves have allowed me to make healthier choices without sacrificing taste. A must-try for anyone seeking a lifestyle change.

  2. Vedant Bonde (verified owner)

    Great taste and an excellent alternative to sugar!

  3. Arjit Yadav

    I tasted it it was excellent! By far the best substitute sugar I’ve ever had

  4. Ishita

    Amazing product. A good alternative for sugar

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